Close-mid back compressed vowel

There is no dedicated diacritic for compression in the IPA. However, compression of the lips can be introduced with ⟨⟩ as ⟨ɤ͡β̞⟩ simultaneous [ɤ] as well as labial compression or ⟨ɤᵝ⟩ [ɤ] modified with labial compression. The spread-lip diacritic ⟨  ͍ ⟩ may also be used with a rounded vowel letter ⟨o͍⟩ as an ad hoc symbol, but 'spread' technically means unrounded.

Only Shanghainese is requested to contrast it with the more typical protruded endolabial close-mid back vowel, but the height of both vowels varies fromto close-mid.